Convening Societies

American Topical Association

American Topical Association The American Topical Association (ATA) is the world's largest organization for stamp collectors who focus on specific topics. Topical collectors concentrate on specific topics and themes represented by the stamps. Some collectors concentrate on the subject depicted in stamps, other are interested in stamps of specific color, stamps illustrated in a particular style or even stamps designed by a specific artist.

The India Study Circle for Philately

India Study Circle The aims of the India Study Circle for Philately are to promote study and research into the philatelic and postal history of India. This includes material from Burma (Myanmar), Pakistan, Bangladesh and all the Princely States. It also includes British Indian Post Offices located outside India and the posts of other European powers that held ground within it. Many of us include stamps and stamped paper issued within India to raise revenue by whatever fiscal means.

Upcoming Societies: 2022

American Airmail Society

AAMS For nearly 100 years the American Air Mail Society has remained the premier organization for collectors interested in mail carried by air. Our members collect Pioneer, Government, Contract and Foreign Air Mail (CAMs & FAMs), Balloons, Gliders, Rocket, Lindbergh, Trans-Oceanic, DoX, Airport Dedications, National Air Mail Week, airmail of Canada and Mexico, First Flights, Jet, and much more The introduction of the airplane was the most significant postal advance of the 20th Century. Come check us out!

Chapter Meetings

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