1Non Competitive
Guatemala: The UPU Resplendent Quetzals 1881 - 1886

A traditional study of the resplendent quetzal stamps of Guatemala upon joining the UPU in 1881.
Michael Bloom
Grand Award
8Non Competitive
British India - Queen Victoria Postal Stationary
An in-depth study of all postal stationery issued during the reign of Queen Victoria with special emphasis on Dies, Varieties and unusual and extraordinary usages.
Sandeep Jaiswal
Grand Award
 8Non Competitive
General Display

Alexander Hamilton: Soldier, Financier, Statesman, Founder

This exhibit uses philatelic items, postcards, and historical material to illustrate the events in Hamilton's life and highlight his influence on the United States.
Jack Congrove

NON - COMPETITIVE Including Club and Society Exhibits

 1Non Competitive - OFEClub ShowcaseEvergreen Stamp Club

 1Non Competitive - OFE
Society Showcase

American Helvetia Philatelic Society
Non Competitive - OFE

Society Showcase

United Postal Stationary Society

Non Competitive - OFE

Club Showcase

Oregon Stamp Society

Non Competitive - OFE

Society Showcase

Pacific Northwest Postal History Society

Non Competitive - OFE

Club Showcase

Puget Sound Collectors Club

Non Competitive - OFE

Society Showcase

Inland Empire Philatelic Society (Spokane WA)

Non Competitive - OFE

Club Showcase

Title Page
Biology Unit of the American Topical Association

Non Competitive - OFE

Parasian Styles of 1910 - Caricatures (No Title Page)
The Postcards by Plum, A French Artist

Anne Harris


 1One Frame Exhibit (OFE)
Victoria 2d Queen-On-Throne 1852 - 1857

Traditional Exhibit with Reconstructions and Usages
Ron Rhodes
Washington State Apple Tax Stamp

Washington State Apple Tax Stamp
Cliff Armstrong
The Postal History of the Goa World War II Internee Mail
A unique insight into this little known chapter of World War II postal history.
Charles J. LaBlonde
Guam Guard Mail April 1930 to April 1931
Provides a complete look at the first "Guard Mail" established by governor Willie Bradley, prior to the POD establishing rural routes to the villages on Guam.
Bradley W. Fritts
 1OFE - Traditional
The Dagger Issues of Bundi
An in-depth study of the Dagger issue of Bundi with special emphasis on usages.
Sandeep Jaiswal
The Stones of a Swiss Classic - The Light Blue Rayon I
Describes and discusses the Printing Stones of the Light Blue Rayon I. This will be done showing used stamps from each of the nine printing stones used in the production of this classic Swiss issue.
Michael Peter
Using early picture postcards, this exhibit shows the unfortunate side of racism.
Tiffany Peter
 1OFE - Postal History
Canadian War Issue 6c & 7c Airmail Stamps: Rates & Usages
Rates and usages of 6c and 7c Airmail Stamps issued in 1943 and 1944.
Steve B. Davis
 1OFE - Youth
Black Heritage
Showcasing African American people who have done amazing things throughout our country's history.
Jasminne Batista
 1OFE - Traditional
Switzerland Pro Juventute 1912-1913 Forerunners and First Issue
Non-postal fund raising labels sold at Swiss post offices to fight Tuberculosis in 1912 were followed in 1913 by Switzerland's first semi-postal charity stamp.
Bruce Marsden
 1OFE - Thematic
The American Lighthouse
First 5 series 1990 Lighthouse Series, 1995 Great Lakes, 2003 Southeastern, 2007 Pacific and 2009 Gulf Coast.
Cliff Armstrong
 1OFE - Postal Stationery
The 1876 Centennial Exposition Issue of Postal Entires: A Study of Uses
1876 U.S. Centennial Exposition Issue of Postal Entires: A study of both domestic and foreign uses, including from Philadelphia Exposition Station.
David W. Snow

COMPETITIVE EXHIBITS (Multi - Frame Exhibits)

 10General Aerophilately
Development of Swiss Airmail up to 1939

Development from the first Swiss flown mail in 1913 to 1939, when WWII shut it down.
George Struble
 6General Aerophilately
SCADTA Mail to and from Switzerland
Mail carriage by SCADTA was not a government service until 1932, so SCADTA's own stamps were needed on mail.

George Struble
 8General FDC Thematic
Women of the Black Heritage Series: From the Fields of Slavery to the Halls of Congress

Cacheted FDC's and narrative introduce the female subjects of the Black Heritage series identifying the social and political progress their individual struggles have collectively achieved.
Mark Thompson
 9General Postal History
Postal History of the Thirteen Colonies: 1675-1782

Exhibit chronicles the development of an American Post from it's British origins.
Timothy P. O'Connor
 6General Display
The Philatelic Aspects of the 1939 Swiss National Exhibition - The "Landi"

The postal items issued for the Landi, the special flights flown to publicize the Landi, and the postal facilities on the grounds of the Landi.
Richard T. Hall
 5General Postal History
Samoa: Powerful Nations Divide a Kingdom

Exhibit provides examples of the postal administrations of the Samoan Kingdom, German Dominion, GB/Commonwealth and America that divided the Island Group seeking deep water harbors.
Bradley W. Fritts
 5General Postal History
Refused Mail of Switzerland

The Evolution of marking refused mail in Switzerland.
Roger Heath
 10General Postal History
The Berlin Pneumatic Post (Rohrpost) 1876-1944

Shows mail from inception of the Rohrpost. Shows the development of the Rohrpost System in Berlin from its inception in 1876 until the end of operations due to damage from WWII.
Michael Peter
 5General Aerophilately
Test Drops During the Graf Zeppelin's Flights over Switzerland in 1929.

Demonstrates the wide variety of cancels from the drop cities and the different types of franking that were applied on the mail from these flights. The viewer will be surprised at the wide variety of different types of mail as it relates to arrival cancels and different franking this Zeppelin mail could obtain.
Michael Peter
 3General Thematic
Lovely As A Tree: A Celebration of Trees Using Stamps and Covers

A celebration of the beauty, diversity, and abundance of trees. Trees on stamps and covers presented on two parts: 1) Science and Taxonomic Organization; and 2) Trees on Taxonomic Order.
Cathie Stumpenhaus
 5General - Postal History
The League of Nations - The War Years
This postal history exhibit is a study of the rates, routes, and significant events that caused turmoil with mail sent from and to the League of Nations, just prior to, during, and directly following World War II.
Greg Galletti
 6General Postal History
The Ways U.S. Postage Due Stamps Were Used, 1879 - 1986

This exhibit shows the many ways U.S. adhesive postage due stamps were used from 1879-1986, indicating whether their use denoted actual due collection, and, where or when, postage due stamps placed.
Tony Wawrukiewicz
 2General Postal History
U.S. Customs Duties Collection, 1907 - 1980s

How, from 1907 - 1980's, the Customs Department handled incoming, possibly dutiable mail, collecting customs duty if owed on such mail.
Tony Wawrukiewicz
 4General Postal History
Japanese American Soldiers in World War II

Mail of Japanese American soldiers in the European and Pacific Theaters of Operation in World War II.
Louis Fiset
 6General Postal History
The Uprooting of British Columbia's Japanese Canadians, 1942 - 1949

The impact of World War II on Japanese Canadians.
Louis Fiset
 5General Postal Stationary
Chile Postal Stationery: Essays, Proofs, Specimens, Samples

Extensive showing of archival material
Ross A. Towle
 3General Postal History
Home Front Alaska

Civil Mail and Censorship in Alaska Territory during World War II
Eric Knapp
 5General Thematic
Sunday's Child

Philatelic items related to the exhibitor's birthday since she was born.
Cathie Osborne
 3General Display
Go for the Gold! The Introduction of Women in the Olympic Games

Display of women in the Olympics as each new sport or event was incorporated into the Games.
Laurie Anderson
 2General Revenue
Indian Court Fee Stamps of 1872-1875

India's first permanent (not provisional) Court Fee issue with De La Rue and India's Inland Revenue archival material, selected uses and color changes of 1875.
Steve Zwillinger
 4General Traditional
Guatemala's Master Designer/Engraver: Arnoldo Chavarry Arrue

This exhibit celebrates the philatelic achievements of the most prolific designer and engraver of Guatemala's stamps, J. Arnoldo Chavarry Arrue.
Michael Bloom
 5General Postal History
Switzerland 1949 Engineering and Landscapes Issue - Rates, Destinations, and Usages

Switzerland's workhorse definitive issue during the 1950s is used to illustrate postal rates, destinations, and usages.
Bruce Marsden
 5General Display
The Day the Earth Shook

This five-frame display exhibit presents the saddest day in the recent history of the Republic of Armenia (at the time Armenian SSR), when the 9.1 earthquake shook the North West of Armenia leaving ruins in place of the city of Spitak, almost destroying Leninakan, Kirovakan and Stepanavan.
Koshkakarian Hovhannes
 6General Postal History
Oregon Territory Mail: August 14, 1847 to February 14, 1859 postal covers

This exhibit shows town cancels that were present in the territory period of Oregon. Where possible, the routes that the mail travel.
Larry D. Maddux
 4General Postal History
Postal History of Colorado Territory

Delivering the mail, and establishing postal service from the earliest days to express mail into the great Gold Rush period.
David New
 8General Traditional
Johore - The Classic Period

Stamps issued by this Malayan state from first overprint on Straits Settlements stamp in 1876 to fourth portrait of Sultan Ibrahim in 1940.
Nestor C. Nunez
 3General Picture Postcards
A History of the San Francisco Cliff House in Postcards

This is a three-frame postcard exhibit depicting the history of the famous San Francisco Cliff House.
Ed Bierman
 3General Display
Ceremonial Military Parades: The Face of Nationalism

Display exhibit depicting the types of events in which ceremonial military parades are used and also why we are attracted to them.
Doug Matthews
 2General First Day Covers
Iceland Unofficial FDC Town Cancels

In Iceland, stamps can be sold on the First Day at any office, but only one has a cancel saying First Day. This exhibit shows covers with other town cancels on the first day.
Larry Crain
 4General Display
The Great American Eclipse 2017

Showcased with USPS Total Eclipse of the Sun stamps, First Day and Event covers obtained with cancels of Totality Post Offices from Oregon to South Carolina.
Lisa Foster
 8General Revenue
A Philatelic Survey of U.S. Waterfowl Hunting Jurisdictions

A comprehensive survey of the various jurisdictions that used Waterfowl Hunting Stamps in the U.S.
Michael Jaffe
 2General Revenue
The Early Court Fee Issues of the Indian State of Bharatpur (1907-1920)

Detailed presentation of Court Fee revenue stamps from the Indian Princely State with locally printed stamps and local uses. Exhibit contains original research and plating information.
Steven Zwillinger

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