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Number of Frames Title Description
8 Alaska at War: World War II in Alaska and Western Canada The history of World War II in Alaska and Western Canada as told through postal history.
7 United States Proprietary Stamps of the War Revenue Act of 1898 Proprietary Stamps of the Revenue Act of 1898 and ephemera related to various companies, products and advertising of the late 1800's and early 1900's
10 The Western Union Telegraph Company 1856-2006  
10 Indian Postage Stamps of Edward VII Comprehensive exhibit of Indian stamps of Edward VII including unique archival meterial, rarities, Convention States, overprinted for oversea use, and post reign surcharges and overprints.
6 Indian Revenue Stamps of Edward VII Exhibit of all categories of Indian revenue stamps of the Edwardian Era. This exhibit includes regularly issued and provisional stamps, new discoveries and uncommon uses.
6 The Uprooting of British Columbia's Japanese Canadians, 1942-1949 Shows the impact of WWII on Japanese Canadians uprooted from their prewar BC homes by the Canadian government, lasting from March 1942 - April 1949
2 British and French Prisoner Mail during French Wars and Insurrections, 1779-1871 Mail of military and political prisioners generated during Franch wars and insurrections, from the Anglo-French War through the Franco-Prussian War
6 Competitive Rowing A thematically organized study of rowing races. After covering the basics, the exhibit progresses thru a new rower's races and culminates with Olympic success.
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