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2019 LIST OF EXHIBITS (As of August 25 2019)

NON - COMPETITIVE Including Club and Society Exhibits

 1Non Competitive - OFESociety ShowcaseOregon Stamp Society
Portland OR
 1Non Competitive - OFEScavenger Hunt
Philatelic Society of Examiners of Unusually Detailed Objects Noting Yesterday's Memorials
 1Non Competitive - OFESociety ShowcaseEvergreen Stamp Club
Kent WA
 1Non Competitive - OFESociety ShowcaseWomen Exhibitors (WE)
Non Competitive - OFE
Apollo II: The Voyage in Covers
Non-Competitive exhibit honoring the Apollo II mission with covers from launch to the stamp honoring the mission.
Eric Knapp
 1Non Competitive - OFESociety ShowcaseInland Empire Philatelic Society
Spokane WA
 1Non Competitive - OFE The Horizontal and Vertical: Installment Postcards
Installment postcards were very popular during the early 1900's. They contained three to five cards, each card containing a section of a story or picture. The cards were sent one at a time, usually over a short period.
Anne Harris
 1Non Competitive - OFESociety ShowcasePuget Sound Collectors Club
Seattle WA
 1Non Competitive - OFESociety ShowcaseScandinavian Collectors Club
 1Non Competitive - OFESociety ShowcaseStrait Stamp Society
Sequim WA
 1Non - Competitive - OFESociety ShowcaseGreater Eastside Stamp Society (GESS)
Bellevue WA
 1Non Competitive - OFESociety ShowcaseChristmas Seal and Charity Stamp Society
Paul Clemmensen
 1Non - Competitive - OFESociety Showcase
Revenue Stamps of China 1896 to 1949

Review of the different issues of Chinese Revenue stamps.
China Stamp Society
 2Non Competitive - ThematicCamelidae: Past, Present, and Future
Study of the family Camelidae, including modern Dromedary and Bactrian Camels; and Vicuna, Guanaco, Alpaca and Llama. Study from origins to future prospects of each species.
Keith D. Edholm


 1One Frame Exhibit (OFE)

St. Petersburg - Moscow Railway, Nikolaevskaya Railroad

This macrophily exhibit is a study of the early postmarks of the Moscow-St. Petersburg Railway. It explores the Traveling Post Offices from the pre-adhesive period through the first date of stamps of TPO Route 1-2.
Edward J. Laveroni
When Ostrich Feathers Were All the Rage

The story of the Cawston Ostrich Farm that satisfied the huge demand for ostrich feathers in the early 20th century.
Dawn Hamman
Point Arena ...Lighting The Way
OFE showing the history and importance of Point Arena Lighthouse in California
Laurie Anderson
 1OFE Aerophilately
Business and advertising mail on Zeppelin demonstration flights 1911-1931
Thorough study of business and advertising mail carried on early Zeppelin demonstrations flights.
Semyon Melamed
 1OFE - Postal History The 1936 Swedish-Icelandic Vatnajokull Expedition/Mail
Tells the story of the 8 week expedition to study Vatnajokull via the mail from the first Post Office on the glacier.
Michael Schumacher
 1OFE - Postal History
First Class Surface Treaty Rate Mail from the U.S. to Germany, 1909-1915
Exhibits shows the different aspects and usages of the treaty rate with Germany.v
Wayne Schuetz
 1OFE - General Experimental
Are We There Yet? Traveling in 4 or More Countries
Each cover in the exhibit has traveled in four or more countries. Cancels from the covers are scanned to show the travel.
Larry Crain
 1OFE - Postal History
The Suspension of United States Mail to Switzerland 1942-1945
Fully documented/illustrated postal history of this bizarre episode
Charles J. LaBlonde
 1OFE - Postal History
New Zealand Life Insurance Lighthouse Stamps
New Zealand Government Life Insurance Office is the only Life Insurance Company in the world to have issued it's own postage stamps.
John Hart
 1OFE - Experimental
Wake Island: Survey to Surrender & POW Mail
The exhibit contains philatelic material from Naval survey, China Clipper mail, photos and postcards, 1941 Christmas menu, POW and civilian internee covers telling a story of Wake.
Bradley W. Fritts

COMPETITIVE EXHIBITS (Multi - Frame Exhibits)

 6General Display
The Saga of the Icelandic Horse

Tells the story of the importance of the Icelandic Horse to Iceland's development and culture through Iceland's stamps, covers and postcards..
Michael Schumacher
 8General Display
Icelandic Saga: 1972 World Chess Championship
Exhibit tells the story of the 1972 World Chess Championship through Iceland's first chess stamp and covers, postcards and ephemera issued for the event.

Michael Schumacher
 6General Postal History
Greenland Postal History 1938-1985

Postal services in a vast and isolated Arctic island.
Dickson Preston
 7General Experimental
Missionary Development of Southern Rhodesia, 1896-1978

This social history exhibit tells the story of the missionary development in Southern Rhodesia (present Zimbabwe) through the display of missionary mail and other materials.
Mark M. Loomis
 6General Aerophilately
SCADTA Mail to and from Switzerland

Mail carriage by SCADTA was not a government service until 1932, so SCADTA's own stamps were needed on mail.
George Struble
 10General Aerophilately
Getting Swiss Airmail off the Ground

Development of Swiss airmail from the first Swiss flown mail in 1913 to 1939, when WWII shut it down.
George Struble
 5General Postal History
The Dream of America

The exhibit shows that the Norwegian immigration to the United States in the period 1825-1925 led to the establishment of post offices with names related to Norway, and that these show the extent and influence of the Norwegian immigration.
Dag Henriksbo
 6General Postal History
The Ways U.S. Postage Due Stamps Were Used, 1879 - 1986

This exhibit shows the many ways U.S. postage due stamps were used from July 1, 1879 until October 2, 1986; that is, only during the period when adhesive due stamps allowed. Also shown is whether their use denoted actual due collection, and where, and when, postage due stamps placed.
Tony Wawrukiewicz
 5General Postal History
Operation and Innovation in the Dead Letter Office from 1860-1985

To illustrate both basic activities of the Dead Letter Office (DLO)/Dead Letter Branches (DLB) and innovations in their operation from 1860-1985.
Tony Wawrukiewicz
 2General Postal History
British and French Prisoner Mail during French Wars and Insurrections, 1779-1871

Mail of French and British Military and Political Prisoners during the Napoleonic Wars through the aftermath of the Franco-Prussian War.
Louis Fiset
 4General Revenue
The Story of the United States Playing Card Company

Kristin Patterson
 6General Postal History
M.S. Gripsholm: Ocean Liner, Cruise Ship, Mercy Ship

Documents the 30-year history of the world's first diesel-powered passenger ship with an emphasis on her career as a WWII Diplomatic Exchange Ship.
Louis Fiset
 6General Postal History
Finland Postal Stationery with 1875 Stamp Design

To show the different forms of postal stationery with this design and their uses 1875-1901.
Kauko Aro
 6General Postal istory
120 Years of Escondido Postal History

A showing of the postal history of Escondido, CA, from its inception in 1884 up to the 21st century.
James W. Busse
 3General Postal History
Postcards of India (No Title Page)

The exhibit captures the evolution of postcards in India from 1951 when the metric system was adopted, to recent times.
Surendra Mulye
 4General Postal History
Reflecting the Rise of Tourism During La Belle Epoque -- Hotel Schweizerhof, Luzern: 1871-1914

Peace after the Franco-Prussian War led to wealthy tourists traveling throughout Europe; the Schweizerhof catered to these travelers as demonstrated by postal items transiting the hotel mail room.
Roger Heath
 3General Postal History
Meter Stamps of India (No Title Page)

Exhibit presents the story of meter stamps in India from pre-independence to modern times.
Surendra Mulye
 5General Postal Stationery
Danish West Indies Printed Matter

Pre-UPU and UPU printed matter is a rarely exhibited specialty. The exhibit explains mail bundling practices and the rare "patterns and samples" category.
Arnold Sorensen
 4General Picture Postcards
A Pilgrimage to Mount Rainier

Picture postcards portray a group of pilgrims traveling to the summit of the Mountain.
Dickson Preston
Scandinavian Collectors Club
 4General Traditional
Mozambique Company After November 1918

Archival material, stamps and usages of the 1918 - 1941 issues of Mozambique Company.
Lester Wadsworth
 3General Astrophilately
Rockets Over Alaska

Covers commemorating the launches of sounding rockets from the Poker Flat Research Range, Alaska, from 1972 to 1975.
Eric Knapp
 8General Postal History
Estonia - Postal Rates 1918-1941

Covers the 19 different rate changes during the period of independence and later occupations with postcards and letters to illustrate each rate period.
Randy Tuuri
Scandinavian Collectors Club
 8General Thematic
The Magical World of Harry Potter

Sail the seas of Narnia with Prince Caspian....oops!....wrong fantasy series!
Van Siegling
 7General Postal Stationery
The Classic Postal Cards of Finland 1871-1884

This is seven frame postal stationery exhibit showing the early single and double cards, varieties and uses including rare upfranked cards and uses to Russia and abroad.
Roger P. Quinby
 5General Picture Postcards
Grande Semaine d'Aviation de la Champagne

Postcard story of the world's first major aviation meeting in Reims, France in 1909, including details of the pilots, aircraft, venue, sponsors, competitions, and legacy.
Doug Matthews
 2General Postal History
Postal History of the Examiner Markings, Type EM-7, used at the General Post Office in New York City, 1902-1920

The exhibit shows a complete set of all 24 Type EM-7 examiner markings.
Wayne Schuetz
 10General Aerophilately
German North Atlantic Catapult Airmail 1929-1935

Development, operations and postal history of German Catapult Airmail Service from North German Lloyd liners "Bremen" and "Europa".
James W. Graue
 8General Postal History
The Rise & Fall of WW II Postal Censorship: Swiss Perspective

The complete postal history of World War II censored Switzerland postcard mail.
Charles J. LaBlonde
 4General Postal Stationery
1860 - 61 U.S. Star Die Postal Stationery: A Study of Uses

This exhibit shows pre- and post-demonetization uses of the 1860 - 61 Star Die envelopes and wrappers, both domestic and foreign uses.
David Snow
 2General Revenue
Washington State Apple Stamp

Washington state apple stamps from the beginning to 1961.
Clifford Armstrong
 7General Cinderella
Holboll's Danish Christmas Seals 1904-1927

Highlighting the first 23 years of Denmark's Christmas Seals; the time Einar Holboll created the concept and influenced their production.
Paul Clemmensen
 6General Postal History Landpost "Uber" Lehrte: An Example of the Rural Mail System in Germany 1933-1992
Study of the rural mail system in Germany via the town of Lehrte as an example.
Ken Gilbert
 8General Postal History
Italy - World War II Red Cross Mail to Geneva: The Complete Postal History

The workings of the Red Cross in WWII Italy! The Geneva Connection!
Charles J. LaBlonde
 5General Postal History
German Postal Agencies in the Pacific Region 1886-1914

Philatelic covers and 3used stamps from each colony, plus offices in China, are present. Early German empire postage, Sea Post and colonial yachts (????) are included. Together, they tell a story seldom known by most casual observers of Pacific region.
Bradley W. Fritts
 8General Postal History
Delaware Postal History - 1773 to 1847

Development of Delaware's postal history, 1773 to 1847.
Alfredo Frolich
 8General Traditional
U.S. Departmentals, 1873 to 1884

In-depth study of the U.S. Departmentals, including essays, proofs, stamps, varieties, plate multiples, used multiples, cancels, and covers.
Les Lanphear

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