The 2017 SEAPEX Stamp Show PALMARES are now posted on the Palmares page (link above).

Dealers and exhibits are filled up for 2017, however you can sign up for 2018 using the "Dealers" and "Exhibitors" links above.

BREAKING NEWS: August 29 2017

On Saturday, 9 September at 11:00 AM, SEAPEX will unveil the designs of a new set of United Nations stamps and souvenir sheets to commemorate the International Day of Peace.

The official first day of issue for this set is 21 September. But the UN Postal Administration has granted permission for SEAPEX along with the Nanjing show in Beijing, China, and the Prague show in the Czech Republic to simultaneously release these stamps for sale in a "pre-launch" ceremony.

This is your chance to get copies of these items before their official first day of issue.

Floor plan for SEAPEX 2017 can be seen under the "Venue" tab above.

Email Us if you have any questions.

2017 SEAPEX Show Organizers and Volunteers

Seattle Philatelic Exhibition Board

President - Jack R. Congrove
Secretary - Eric K. Bustad
Treasurer - James T. Hall
Director - Ruth M. Caswell
Director - Dennis R. Fortney
Director - Anne B. Harris
Director - Stephen Brandt
Honorary Founding Director - Lyman R. Caswell
Exhibits Chair - Carol Edholm
Judging Chair - Anne B. Harris
Donations Chair - Ruth M. Caswell
Volunteers Chair - vacant
Hospitality Chair - Ina Aust


The success of our show depends on a large part on volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, these are the areas we need assistance:

Youth Activities: Monitor youth activities table and help with youth games and learning activities
Reception table: Greet visitors, provide directions, hand out brochures and door prize tickets, sell banquet tickets
Exhibits table: Greet visitors, answer questions about exhibits and exhibiting
Exhibits: Help mount and take down exhibit pages in the frames
Break area: Supervise the area where visitors get coffee and refreshments
Security: Watch over the show and the parking lot during loading and unloading

If you would like to volunteer, contact Jack Congrove

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Last Updated: September 11 2017