Awards and Jury

SEAPEX 2021 Philatelic Jury

Ken Nilsestuen, Akron OH - Chief Judge
Specialties: 19th Century, France & Colonies, French Africa, Illustrated Mail, Worldwide, Fip Accredited

Dr. Peter P. McCann RDP, University Park FL
Specialties: British Caribbean, British Commonwealth, Polar, Postal History, Traditional, Fip Accredited

Dr. David Piercy, FRPSC, Edmonton AB
Specialties: Not Listed

Mr. Patrick A. Walters, Arvada CO
Specialties:Aerophilately, Europe, German Area, Postal History, U.S. & Possessions

Mr. Ed Kroft, FRPSC (President), Vancouver BC
Specialties: Palestine, Israel, Postal History, Aerophilately, Canada, Judaica

Mr. Mark M. Loomis, Tigard OR - (Apprentice)
Specialties: British Africa, Display Exhibits, Single Frame, Southern Africa, Zimbabwe

2021 AWARDS - Information will be posted when available.

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